All on-shore-related maintenance & repairs

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Aquaculture systems specialist

Advice & hands-on assistance with new builds & existing infrastructure

All onshore systems & equipment

17 years experience with Research & Commercial operations for on shore based aquaculture


  • Engineering
  • equipment installations, preventative maintenance, repairs of all related on-shore systems & equipment
  • Seawater & freshwater operations.
  • temperature controlled heat pumps
  • Recirculation, flow through & holding systems. water filtering, drum filters, foam fractionators, media, bag filters.
  • Water pumps, process pumps, oxygen generators, air blowers, pasteurizers, autoclaves, swim flumes, systems for scientific research
  • UV & ozone waste water treatment
  • titanium heat exchangers both plate & coil
  • experience with pneumatics & low voltage electrical systems, backup generators, all aspects of PE & PVC pipework in these areas including equipment for waterjetting.
  • 17 years experience with Research & commercial operations for on shore based aquaculture including mussels, oysters, paua, finfish, scampi, seaweed, algae etc.

PH 027 5555 446